Player Development

      Driven was built on the model focused around the right environment for its players, and allow their attention from the start on their own development. If players don’t continue to get better and evolve, they will be left behind as others do. It is an integral part of the entire process. This takes nothing away from the other important elements, such as the draft, signing a first, second and beyond contracts but simply put if players don’t continue to get stronger, faster, healthier and better they will be surpassed by those who choose to.

      With our team of experts; Sports performance and naturopathic doctors, sports psychology specialist, skating and skill coaches, off ice trainers and performance coaches. We have taken the time and effort to advance this important aspect of the business and ensure our players have every tool needed to develop, adapt and evolve in today’s game and be the best version of themselves.

     We can ensure anyone who works with the players is elite in their field and can bring added value to the player and push to reach their potential. You are already a good player at this stage, it is our goal to make you the best. And we are Driven 2 make you better and succeed.

Contract Negotiations

     This is the service most people think of when looking at the agent business. It is the largest and one of the most important steps in a player’s career. With our team we have over 30 years of experience in negotiating contracts and making sure our players receive the best advice and ensure our player’s contract reflect their value.

     Our team has put together a group that looks at the market, studies the trends, the salary cap, and is able to breakdown the finer points enabling the players receive the best information going into negotiations. With our knowledge and work of the market and team we use, we ensure our players have the best in representation and allow them to fully focus on their play and work on and off the ice.

Branding and Marketing

     Each player as they grow and develop are creating their own separate brand for themselves. In how they want to be viewed by others in the sport industry and the general public. This is not only in how they carry themselves as individuals but also how they can be perceived.

     In today’s world of social media, it is important that players are educated in how to properly brand and market themselves, while realizing the impact that misuse can have on their careers. Our team aids in educating our players and their families on how to use social media in a beneficial way, and to create an online presence distinguishable from the rest.

     Our team works closely with the top companies in the industry from equipment, hockey card companies, car dealerships, restaurants and others to ensure our players the best opportunities for marketing and allowing them to continue to grow their own brand.

     We also help in working with different charity organizations for the players if they wish, and allow them to not only help give back if they choose but align themselves with the right people to do so.


Finance Management

     Driven’s team of financial experts, insurance consultants, real estate advisors and portfolio managers allows our players to focus on their game and rest assured they are well taken care of by our team of specialists.

     We make it our mission to educate the players on different opportunities to grow their wealth and advise them financially through the various stages of their careers and personal lives.

     Driven works hand in hand with some of the top banks, financial advisors and groups, insurance providers, and real estate agents to provide our players with the information and opportunities to make secure life choices.


     The career of a professional athlete comes with many demands. Our associates at Driven Sports Group are efficient and well connected. It is our pleasure to assist our players in overcoming obstacles such as relocation, car transport, ticket securing, among many other items that can arise.

     Our goal is to give our players first class treatment by offering these services at their fingertips.

Post Career Management

      Transitioning from a hockey career to a new phase of life can be an exciting yet difficult time. Our experts and support staff are available to our players to help ease them through this transitional period. Driven offers the aid of career coaches to support players and help them in their future endeavors.

       There are many different paths for an athlete to follow next and we want to make sure our clients are well educated on each so they can make the best decision for themselves and their families.